Diabolocom acquiert Phedone, pour des IAs génératives, tremplin de votre relation client

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L'équipe Phedone

  • Jonathan FOUREUR

    Chief Executive Officer

    “Transforming state-of-the-art sciences into high value-added products”

    As a young man who is very passionate when it comes to IT and Artificial Intelligence (AI), believing so much in collective effort, Jonathan Foureur brought together a solid team to start the Phedone movement with the goal to help businesses and organizations listen to the voice of the people. His time spent with SAP as a Junior Product Manager and a Product Manager at Diabolocom was an eye opener which propelled him to start his first company JUST AI. His passion and the dream to always deliver unique high tech products did not stop there, leading to the inception of PHEDONE. He serves as the CEO, establishing vision across tech , product and business development and turning it into steps and milestones. At Phedone, his missions include easing the transition from R&D to market in turning state-of-the-art tech into products, listening to customers’ needs and turning them into features.

  • Laurence Fornari

    Chief Operating Officer

    “Make something people want” Paul Graham, Sam Altman @ YC

    Right after acquiring a degree in Data Science and Electronics from CPE-Lyon, her career began. She was handed over a position in military communications, then Live TV, and secured VOD services streaming in Europe and Hollywood studios. From French and Californian multinational companies to creating two startups, Laurence has experience in operations and business development in EMEA, the US, and Asia. She has, over the years, thrived and developed upon her skills, making her an asset to PHEDONE. She was offered a corporate Master at Santa Clara and Stanford universities. She also graduated from the eMBA at Institut Mines-Telecom Business School. Her experience in rapid business growth, high-tech product launches, BtoB business development, and securing sensitive data provides significant credibility with large accounts and mid-sized companies. Phedone is therefore proud and thankful to have Laurence as its Chief Operations Officer in charge of business strategy, development and sales. Her objective in that regard is to initiate growth, embed a team culture and bring experience.


    Chief Technical Officer

    “Don’t comment bad code — rewrite it” Brian Kernighan

    Tom is a living testimony and proof of the adage, “allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession”. After quitting his degree in Economics as a sophomore at the university to involve himself fully in the business he was running in parallel of school, in the field of Computer Programming founded a few years ago, which produced around 30 solutions for a diversified clientele. He developed himself while working full time in consulting, design, and development of computerized solutions. Tom's extensive and flexible development capacity, spanning back and forth. His talents as a designer allowed for a rapid creation of POC then MVP, while preparing the product of Phedone in industrial mode. He is very particular on the scalability and resilience of the software, designing and making it flexible and durable to any kind of workload. Being the Chief Technical Officer, his aim is to develop and manage the development team. The mission that comes with his position at Phedone is to deliver stable Phedone tools online, keep it safe and secure for customers and to give life to elegant and efficient data exploration.

  • Kevin El-Haddad

    Chief Data Scientist

    “Don’t be in the business of playing it safe. Be in the business of creating possibilities for greatness.” Robert Iger

    Kevin is the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer and as such, leads the intelligent systems development from conception to implementation at PHEDONE. He has more than 7 years of experience in research and development with interests in several components of human-agent interaction systems, such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, audiovisual emotion recognition and natural language processing. He also collaborated during the past few years with several industrial partners to help them develop systems in similar areas, such as the Walt Disney Company, Acapela Group, Taktak and Cosounders. He has thus contributed not only in AI systems development but also in dataset creation and data analysis. His publications, counting more than 40 articles in highly regarded international scientific conferences, journals and a patent pending are witness to his expertise. This experience in both academia and industry makes him a strong force for progress in PHEDONE since he can both grasp and develop academic concepts, and apply his knowledge practically to give concrete results. His goals are to deliver efficient systems to answer product needs, improve the state-of-the-art with new approaches, thus turning PHEDONE into a strong contributor in the Natural Language Processing area.