Boost your Collective Intelligence

Your “idea wall” is overcrowded?
Your customers' and partners' channels overflowed? Phedone is an intelligent platform to smartly manage ideas, innovation pipeline, and voice of customers.

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Our analytics

We offer pertinent analytics thanks to Collective Intelligence and our Artificial Intelligence expertise.

Check out our smart and elegant data visualizations. You will love them for your weekly reporting to COMEX and strategic analysis.

Accelerate data extraction and analysis

From 2 weeks of manual analysis to 3 minutes.Today, ideas’ evaluations are manually performed by managers, analysts, and peer-to-peer. It is time-consuming, expensive, and biased. With Phedone, the analysis effort is efficiently reduced.

Find the rare gems

Whether it's a genius or a dummy idea, you'll have it at hand! With our originality score, the gems come out easily.

Discover the synergies

We also performed matchmaking between collaborators based on similar ideas. We analyzed in 1 hour 6,000 raw ideas into 400 groups. So people get ready quicker for efficient workshops and hackathons.

Sort out and filter

 Easily explore all contributions by sorting by date, keyword, uniqueness, or author... 

Boosted commitment rate

Our unique approach and technological know-how allows us to automatically animate your community, boost the innovation proactively & increase the engagement rate (bot, email from mobile, slack)

No migration needed !

We want to facilitate the submission of ideas by being as close as possible to the participants: Slack, Teams, Sheets, email-channels, an innovation platform... No need to migrate to yet another tool, Phedone adapts! Open APIs are available for integration in Your idea wall, your idea box. And best of all, Phedone is polyglot. Phedone handles multilingual voices.

Our vision

At Phedone, we trust that value is not anymore in the crowdsourcing of ideas but in the analysis and the exploration.

Thus we have build Phedone to:

#1 Listen smartly the voices of your customers, employees, collègues and soon the crowd,

#2 Shorten the analysis from 3 weeks to a few minutes, without losing any. Highlight the rare gems and the smart ones,

#3 Match people with similar ideas to “make something that people want"

International and french corporation are already onboard

times faster than manual analysis


Autonomous. Available on-line. Subscribe here.

Questions & Answers

Are you an usual innovation platform ? an innovation pipeline management tool ?

No, at Phedone we trust the contribution analysis to extract their value and the best ones. Our know-how is the artificial intelligence engine and the data visualisation, applied to ideas. We are much more than ideas collection and pipeline management.

Which input’s formats for Phedone?

Phedone welcomes a multitude of inputs: Excel, Slack, Microsoft © Teams, Emails, Google sheets and Innovation platform management data extractions. Documented APIs are available upon request.

Is Phedone only for innovation management ?

No, not only. Phedone helps to create an elegant Strategic planning for example. You could also build your RSE strategy based on your colleagues' contributions. Phedone helps your macro analysis in a record time.

What’s unique about Phedone’s analytics ?

This is not as simple as a text or word recurrence analysis. Our algorithms are developed in-house, with our PhD and Artificial Intelligence experts. We focus on semantical analysis and ideas valuation.  

Our unique indexes are:
- Uniqueness and creativity index
-Root problems
- Actions identification

What can you analyze?

The minimum data required is a list of ideas and their authors. The more information is submitted, the richer your analysis and dashboard will be. That includes the number of likes, comments, etc...


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