Diabolocom acquires Phedone, a stepping stone for your customer relationship with generative AIs

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AI-augmentedfeedbacks analytics

Connect your data. Phedone enriches them and helps you determine the Next-Best-Action.

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Work at 3 inter-related levels

Use the Phedone edge technology to get the best-of-market understanding of your customers

Micro analysis

Phedone analyzes every single feedback and each contributor, and dynamically tags them. It understands each one of them individually. Reduce your resolution time to improve customer satisfaction!

Synergic analysis

At Phedone we not only apply our analyses at different scales, but we also look at the synergies and similarities between every feedbacks and every customers. It gives you a unique perspective. In quasi-real-time, at first glance, you can now visualize similarities between people, departments, market segment, product line.

Macro analysis

Treasures are hidden in your feedbacks. Exploring at a macro level leads to global trends identification and low-level signals detection. Generate unfair advantages, stay ahead of your competitor!

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Third-party integrations

No need to develop or plan a change management period. It's plug-and-play within your existing system.

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