Diabolocom acquires Phedone, a stepping stone for your customer relationship with generative AIs

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A Top10 customer to please, a category to prioritize, we are here to leapfrog the bottle neck

Prioritize the topic of the day

Phedone extract in quasi-real-time the most important topics

Filter with indexes to extract the most impactful problems to solve

Generate smart reports, relevant accross the organisation

Automatically tag to route to the expert

Focus the right team

Phedone cross-check similarities with our unique analysis to identify authors synergies

Identify your customer's common problems (customers sharing common feedbacks)

Route automaticaly

Enpower the expert team in a record time

Leapfrog the bottleneck

Our classification is quasi-real-time to increase your customer satisfaction

Reduce the analysis time, save weeks of manual analysis

Automatically tag and route to the team who will really solve the problem

Reduce your resolution to increase your customer satisfaction