Diabolocom acquires Phedone, a stepping stone for your customer relationship with generative AIs

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Phedone provides several unique indexes to help you better understand your customers. Take a new perspective from our unique combination of analyses.


Want to see the feedbacks that stand out?

Discover in quasi-real-time the feedbacks that get out-of-the-box

Our originality index detects the feedbacks that are really different from the other.

Genius or wacky, we can't say (yet), but at least you know it requires some special focus.


Want to filter the feedbacks that are appropriate?

Estimate the relevance of feedbacks

Simulate social network and collective intelligence feedbacks

Predict the numbers of Vote or Like


Want to identify which topics matter the most?

Distinguish personal involvement in the feedback style

Filter the feedbacks that will touch a sensitive chord within your user base

Prioritize impactful problems or suggestions