Diabolocom acquires Phedone, a stepping stone for your customer relationship with generative AIs

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For Product Teams

Discover more easily what features you need to prioritize to satisfy your customers

Discover trends and weak signals

Get a step ahead the trends to anticipate thanks to overall trends and unique indexes to find weak signals

Originality index : what contributions stand out from the crowds

Automatic clustering and cluster's naming : let Phedone help you find new hot topics that you didn't expect

Save time to spend it on high-value tasks

We help you see through the noise so you can focus more easily

Relevance index : what contributions might deserve more time than others

Similarities : what needs do your Top 10 customers have in common?

Discover priorities based on the amount of contributors sharing feedbacks

Integrate directly within your ticketing system

No need to change your habits

Direct integration into your tools

Data enrichment fully transparent